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Beautiful Buddy / Bear – saved from a kill shelter – needs a home

Calling out for a special person!

Beautiful Buddy also known as Bear

I was saved from a kill shelter in Romania by PennyPaws Rescue several months ago and brought here to the UK.

I was fostered by a lovely family, but I found it really hard to fit into normal family life, after my experiences back in Romania. The challenges proved too much for me and I am upset to report that I have bitten because of that – but I have been a very good boy at the kennels with all my carers. I’m not a bad boy, and in the right environment I am a loving and loyal companion. My name used to be Bear but I’m much more suited to Buddy.

I find the pressures and expectations of family life too much to cope with and people (other than my special person) worry me and I get anxious and tense. I’m really looking for a single person home, with an experienced person who will be around most of the time although I don’t mind being left for reasonable periods on my own.
A place that is preferably rural with plenty of space where I wouldn’t need to go out on formal walks, as meeting strangers upsets me. Someone with a small holding who needs mainly just my company but has the capability of putting me out of the way if they have visitors as they too make me anxious.

If I can have all of this, I could be your best friend but you do need to be sure that you can give me this before you reply. If you feel that you can be my special person, please email or you can call 07795 803434.

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