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Gill Jennes Fundraising Hike to Feed 50 Dogs 22nd October. Please Help Her!

Just to let you know that Gill is off on one of her 12 mile hikes on the 22nd October (her 64th birthday!) to try and raise some urgently needed funds to feed the 50 dogs we have rescued from horrific cruel kill shelters in Romania.

While we try and find them homes here, we need to feed them and it’s expensive!

Times are very tough for everyonebut please could you share this video if you have a moment, and if you can throw a few coins in the tin, the JustGiving link is here:

Thank you from all of the dogs x

As you probably know, Pennypaws Rescue is run by 6 UNPAID volunteers, so every penny we raise goes to the dogs.

UK Registered Charity No 1200959.

Thanks for reading and sharing if you can.

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