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8 Reasons To Rescue A Dog – To Adopt Not Shop

01 – You will be saving TWO LIVES

Instead of buying a puppy and encouraging back street breeding, adopting saves the life of the dog you are rescuing and creates space and funds for the organisation to rescue another abandoned dog.

02 – Support A DOG Rescue Organisation

By adopting a rescued dog you don’t just give a loving home to an abandoned animal, you are supporting a good cause.

03 – Your dream dog is out there waiting

Rescue organisations assess their dogs very carefully and will use their knowledge and experience to help you choose the perfect pooch! Be patient and get to know the dogs. A wonderful companion is out there waiting to find a loving home.

04 – Help, Support and advice

When you adopt a dog from a charity like Pennypaws, your four legged companion comes with Rescue Back Up. This means the organisation is there to help you settle your new friend into your home, and they can offer advice on training, diet, medical needs and behaviour.

05 – Save money by adopting

When you adopt a dog from a charity like Pennypaws Rescue, it will already be spayed or neutered, microchipped, and will have had its vaccinations and flea and worming treatments. These costs all add up, making adoption great value for money.

06 – Improve your health, reduce stress

Dogs can benefit your health and stress levels in countless ways and lots of adopters find rescuing a dog an incredibly positive and rewarding experience – which is why so many do it again!

07 – Children benefit

Learning how to look after a dog can be a wonderful experience for children. Your dog’s often difficult life journey can teach them valuable lessons about the importance of compassion and respect for animals.

08 – over population

There are millions of stray dogs around the world. By adopting you are helping to reduce the numbers and the suffering as well as taking money away from the inhumane puppy farms.

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