Marley’s Way Dog Training

Diane Moggridge who runs Marley’s Way Dog Training is an AbsoluteDOGS Pro Dog Partner. Her lovely dog Marley was originally rescued by Pennypaws Rescue. You can find out about Diane’s 1-2-1 dog training services further down the page.

Prize winning Marley!

She has kindly shared a link with us where you can get free access to a really interesting AbsoluteDogs rescue dog pack. The rescue pack contains 7 epic resources released over 7 days focusing on:

  • Getting started with training
  • Bringing a Rescue Dog into your house (or any dog)
  • Separation Struggles
  • Multi-dog Household Management
  • Growing Confidence in your Dog
  • Foundation Games for your Rescue Dog
  • Rescue Dogs and Kids – Growing the Relationship from the Start

1-2-1 Marley’s Way Dog Training

Diane also offers 1-2-1 training – a great opportunity to learn more about your dog and develop training skills and routines. She charges £25 for an hour of 1-2-1 training session, including a phone consultation and follow up support by email. Plus…for every Pennypaws client who books a session she will donate £5 to the charity. Just quote ‘Pennypaws’ when booking. To book and find out more please email Diane on or use the contact form below.

You can also find out more about Marley’s Way Dog Training on her Facebook page here.