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10 Dogs Rescued from the Kill Shelters & Street in one Week

Pennypaws Rescue Romania to UK saved 5 more lives last night. A mum and 4 pups… due to be taken to the kill shelter over the weekend. That brings the total in one week to 10. Amazing work by Gill Jenness and her team at Pennypaws getting the dogs out of the kill shelter, off the streets and danger and transported to the safe CHR Shelter and hopfully onwards to a new life in a loving home.
Here are the videos of all the dogs who are now safe at CHR Shelter. Thank you to all our amazing sponsors and donators for making this possible. If you can help us with any amount please donate here.

Little puppy Hope

Mum and Four Pups

Mum and her 4 pups Rescued

We don’t know how we will cope financially but we don’t think right now… we rescue and think later.


Lily & Amber


Please if you could spare just a couple of pounds … it really does add up and please if you can help share our name far and wide to help us gain more support.
As always, we are truly grateful to every single one of you.

Thank you so much to our sponsors and donators who have made it possible to help these dogs.
If you would like to help us:
Or Paypal: (Friends and family option)
Pennypaws Rescue is a UK Registered Charity 1200959 run by just a handful of unpaid volunteers. Every penny we raise goes to help more dogs in need. Thank you.

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