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Please Help James with his Cancer Treatment

UPDATE! James has finished his chemo. Treatment has been a success. The bleeding has stopped. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible – James can start his rescued life cancer free now.

We originally were advised James might need 6 chemotherapy treatments – but because he responded so well, in the end only four were required. The bleeding has stopped (he was bleeding quite badly) and the vets are confident he is now cured. x
The cost to date is just under £1700 and we managed to raise £2100 from the Cheddar Gorge 10k run. Hopefully everyone will be happy for us to put any surplus funds towards rescuing and treating other dogs that desperately need help. As you probably know, Pennypaws Rescue is run entirely by 5 volunteers – so every penny we raise goes towards helping the dogs.
Thank you to Eastcott veterinary clinic and hospital in Swindon for looking after James. Find out more about them here.

James at home cancer free x

Jame’s Story

3 year old James was rescued by Pennypaws from an horrific kill shelter in Romania. He is in a wonderful foster home in the UK but sadly has been diagnosed with cancer and needs 5-6 chemos to get him better. Cost is going to be in the region of £3000 so we are desparately trying to raise the funds ASAP. If you can spare anything to sponsor Jonathan’s run for James – please donate by clicking the button below. Thank you. You can follow updates on his treatment below. (10K Cheddar Gorge Omnium Completed – Pics and Vids Below. I came 6th out of about 28 in the oldies category. Time: 1h06m

Video about James

Update Thursday 8th June 2023
James has been to the vet today. He has a bit of a cough so the vet is going to start his first chemo session next Friday 16th June.
Amount raised with the 10K Sponsored Omnium Run – £1040. Fantastic – thank you so much for the donations. We need to raise £2776.50 – please see the estimate bill from the vet.

Update Sunday 11th June 2023.
I completed the sponsored 10K Omnium run at Cheddar Gorge in Somerset to raise money for James’s treatment.
We are now up to about 85% of 2k target. Thanks soo much to everyone who contributed.
I did the 10K hilly cross country in 1h06m and came 6th in the oldies category… then we went off to do 1000m race, 100 sprint and bonkers hill climb.
Still hoping to raise a bit more:

James’s Cancer Treatment Update 23rd June 2023

James relaxing at home

Hello everyone.
Thank you so much for all the support and donations we have received for our three year old rescue James’s cancer treatment. It’s been incredible! So far we have raised over £2100!
Here’s James’s JustGiving Page:

He started his treatment today with his first chemotherapy (treatment had been delayed as he has had a cough and the vet wanted to wait)

At the vets today James was understandably scared, especially as his amazing foster Susan was not allowed to accompany him into the treatment room, but he was incredibly brave, and the staff were so caring. He came out a bit later on, less worried and obviously excited to see Susan again – and he has apparently been a tired sleepy boy since getting home.

5 chemotherapy sessions to go and hopefully that will see him on the road to a full recovery.

The Cheddar Gorge 10K run fundraiser has so far raised an amazing £2100. Such wonderful support – thank you !
If we can get it up to around £2800 we will be able to cover the cost of his cancer treatment. (Please see the vet’s estimate in an early entry above)

It’s worth every penny to get the lovely James cured of cancer and on his way to the life we promised him when he was rescued from a kill shelter in Romania.

Please check back for more details on James’s progress. Thank you x

14th July 2023

4th Chemotherapy treatment at Eastcott Vets in Swindon. James has responded so well to the treatment, the bleeding has stopped and the vets are happy that treatment has been a success!
Thank you so much to everyone who has made this possible.

Such a brave boy James, undergowing treatment

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  1. Up to £1439 raised – thank you everyone for helping James

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